Wallet Solutions

One solution for multiple financial services

Attract your customers by offering them with all-in-one digital payment app. With our mobile wallet solution, your users can virtually save and use financial assets such as, salary, card, B2P, G2P

Our digital payment solution also allows your users to access banking services

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Fully secured and compliant solution

Offer your customers with a secure solution to ensure a convenient, swift, and safe end-to-end payments for your merchants, users, and mobile service providers.

Also ensure that your users have a hassle-free experience with our solution due to its full compliance with the industry-grade security standards and all the regulations of the local authorities.

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Prepaid and Debit Cards

We specialize in dynamic payout structures including prepaid, debit, business cards for your employees, affiliates, and more.

We will issue your payees MC prepaid cards that you can easily payout to or load with funds. These cards are accepted anywhere MasterCard is accepted online or in-store, including over 30 million merchants around the world.

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IBANS - Pay and get paid online

You can have in your current account your unique and own IBAN number to give you freedom to any transaction you wish

Send money inside Europe or Globally with a fraction of the fees you would have to pay in bank. Top-up your account by Wire transfer directly to you IBAN

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